YABATECH School Fees 2021: Price for Each Course

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YABATECH is a Federal Government-owned Polytechnic. It is the first tertiary institution in Nigeria before The University of Ibadan was created. As a Federal Polytechnic, YABATECH school fees price is cheaper compared to private colleges, some State Universities and Polytechnics.

In this article, you will learn about the price of YABATECH school fee and every other payment you need to make after gaining admission into the Yaba college of technology.

Yabatech school fees

The major payments you need to make are divided into four different parts and they are;

  1. Acceptance Fee.
  2. School Fee.
  3. Hostel Fee (full time only).
  4. Departmental dues.

Acceptance Fee

When you get admission into any school in Nigeria, you have to pay an acceptance fee. The price you pay depends on the school you get admitted to.

YABATECH charges 25,000 Naira as acceptance fee excluding bank charges. Both part time and full time candidates pay the same amount as acceptance fee.

The school usually gives deadlines for acceptance fee payment; however, they extend these deadlines most times.

School Fee

YABATECH school fee is paid online to the Federal government of Nigeria through the Remita payment platform. This is in line with the federal government single account policy. Note that all Federal schools in Nigeria use Remita to pay school fees while state and private universities can use any payment platform they desire.

YABATECH offers 32 courses in OND Full-time and 30 courses in HND Full-time. The price of the school fee depends on the course you are applying for.

In some departments, the school fee price is uniform with all the courses in that department.

For example, the price of school fee for all Engineering courses are the same.

Below is the price of YABATECH school fee for 2021/2022 academic session.

YABATECH School Fees for Full-time OND.

CourseOND 1OND 2
Computer Science₦44,500. ₦30,500.
Electrical Engineering.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Mass communication.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Industrial Design - Fashion.₦44,500.₦30,500.
General Art.₦44,500₦30,500.
Business Administration.₦39,500₦25,500
Computer Engineering.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Banking and Finance.₦39,500₦25,500
Mechanical Engineering.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Hospitality Management.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Science Laboratory Technology.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Textile Technology.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Printing Technology.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Quantity Surveying.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Metallurgical Engineering.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Food Technology.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Industrial Maintenance Engineering.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Estate Management.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Civil Engineering.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Building Technology.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Office Technology Management.₦44,500.₦30,500.
Mechatronics Enginnering₦44,500₦30,500.
Nutrition and Dietetics₦44,500₦30,500.
Welding and Fabrication₦44,500₦30,500.

YABATECH School Fees for HND Full-time

CourseHND 1HND 2
Computer Science₦49,500₦30,500
Electrical Engineering.₦49,500₦30,500
Mass communication.₦49,500₦30,500
Industrial Design - Fashion.₦51,500.₦30,500
Accountancy.₦46,500. ₦25,500
Business Administration.₦46,500. ₦25,500
Computer Engineering.₦49,500. ₦30,500
Banking and Finance.₦49,500. ₦30,500
Mechanical Engineering.₦49,500.₦30,500.
Hospitality Management.₦49,500.₦30,500.
Textile Technology.₦49,500.₦30,500.
Printing Technology.₦49,500.₦30,500.
Quantity Surveying.₦49,500.₦30,500.
Metallurgical Engineering.₦49,500.₦30,500.
Food Technology.₦49,500.₦30,500.
Industrial Maintenance Engineering.₦49,500.₦30,500.
Estate Management.₦49,500.₦30,500.
Civil Engineering.₦49,500.₦30,500.
Building Technology.₦49,500.₦30,500.
Office Technology Management.₦49,500.₦30,500.

YABATECH School Fees for OND Part-time

The price of Part-time school fees in YABATECH varies per department. Below is the school fee price for OND part-time students at Yaba College of Technology;

CourseOND 1OND 2OND 3
Computer Science₦75,000. ₦59,000₦64,500.
Electrical Engineering.₦75,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Mass communication.₦83,500. ₦64,000₦72,000.
Industrial Design - Fashion.₦75,000.₦56,500₦64,500.
General Art.₦75,000.₦56,500₦64,500.
Accountancy.₦70,000. ₦51,500.₦59,500.
Business Administration.₦70,000. ₦51,500.₦59,500.
Computer Engineering.₦75,000. ₦56,500.₦64,500.
Banking and Finance.₦75,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Mechanical Engineering.₦75,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Hospitality Management.₦75,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Science Laboratory Technology.₦75,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Textile Technology.₦75,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Printing Technology.₦75,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Quantity Surveying.₦75,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Metallurgical Engineering.₦75,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Food Technology.₦75,000.₦59,000.₦64,500.
Industrial Maintenance Engineering.₦75,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Estate Management.₦75,000.₦59,000.₦64,500.
Civil Engineering.₦75,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Building Technology.₦75,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Office Technology Management.₦70,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Public Administration.₦70,000. ₦51,500.₦59,500.

YABATECH School Fees for HND Part-time

The school fee price for Higher National Diploma students is only different in the first year; after that, the price is uniform with its OND 2 and 3 counterparts.

CourseHND 1HND 2HND 3
Computer Science₦80,000. ₦59,000₦62,000.
Electrical Engineering.₦80,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Industrial Design - Fashion.₦80,000.₦56,500₦64,500.
Accountancy.₦75,000. ₦51,500.₦59,500.
Business Administration.₦75,000. ₦51,500.₦59,500.
Computer Engineering.₦80,000. ₦56,500.₦64,500.
Banking and Finance.₦80,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Mechanical Engineering.₦80,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Hospitality Management.₦80,000.₦56,500.₦62,000.
Textile Technology.₦75,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Printing Technology.₦80,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Quantity Surveying.₦80,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Metallurgical Engineering.₦80,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Food Technology.₦80,000.₦56,500.₦62,000.
Industrial Maintenance Engineering.₦80,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Estate Management.₦80,000.₦59,000.₦62,000.
Civil Engineering.₦80,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Building Technology.₦80,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Office Technology Management.₦75,000.₦56,500.₦64,500.
Mass Communication₦88,500.₦64,000.₦72,000.

The school fee can be made online through the YABATECH student portal or at Lagschools Cafe. After payments, evidence of payment should be printed out. The evidence of payment will be submitted during clearance or semester registrations. so it’s necessary it is printed.

Hostel Fee

Now that you have settled your acceptance fee and school fee, the next part is your hostel fee.

YABATECH gives hostels to only full time students. Even yet, not all full time students will be given hostels due to limited space in the school.

To apply for the hostel, you have to pay an application fee of 1,000 Naira excluding bank charges.

If a hostel is allocated to you, you will pay a hostel fee of 30,000 Naira excluding bank charges.

YABATECH has a total of 6 hostels namely;

  1. Moshood Abiola hall.
  2. Augustus Aikomu hall (complex hall).
  3. Bakkasi hostel
  4. Post graduate hall.
  5. Akata hall.
  6. New female hall.

After an academic session, you have to re-apply for the school hostel if you want to keep staying at the hostel.

Departmental dues

It is mandatory to pay your departmental dues before you can be cleared in YABATECH. The good news is that the departmental due is the smallest amount you will pay in the YABATECH school fee list.

The price varies according to the departments. The departmental due ranges from 1,000 Naira to 3,000 Naira with Mass communication having the highest price.

Departmental dues are payable once every academic session.


The school management usually gives a deadline when a new semester begins. It’s always good to pay before the deadline to avoid a late penalty payment. If you need help with saving your school fee so that you can pay on time, check out this article on how to save money with Piggyvest.

Please note that the prices are subject to change. We will update this post as soon as there’s a change in price.


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  1. Ibrahim olakunle says:

    I did my ND at LASPOTECH Ikorodu, How am I going to go about it if i want to do my HND at Yabatech , I want to ask if maybe the form is out…..

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      All you need to do is to apply for the YABATECH HND form when it is available. The HND part-time form is available at the moment. You can see how to apply here.