YABATECH Part-Time Form 2022/2023

Are you looking for information about the YABATECH part-time form for the 2022/2023 academic session?

The YABATECH Part-time programme allows you to study on a part-time basis. You can study and work at the same time or study and learn a skill at the same time.

In this article, you will find all the information you need to know about the YABATECH Part-time form. You will also get answers to any questions you have about the part-time programme in YABATECH.

yabatech part-time form


Is the YABATECH Part-time form out for 2022/2023?

Yes, the YABATECH part-time form is now available for the 2022/2023 academic session. Candidates who are interested in the form should continue reading to see how to apply for the form.

If you want to purchase the form, you have to carefully read this post and follow the guidelines.

If you already have prior knowledge about the YABATECH part-time programme and you want to go straight to how to apply for the form, click here.

Admission Requirements

YABATECH ND Part-time Requirements

To be considered for admission, candidates must have a senior secondary school result (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB) with at least five credits obtained at not more than two sittings.

The subjects in the O’level must include Mathematics, English Language, and any other three subjects. You can check the subject combination for each course here (OND only).

Candidates applying with NABTEB results are not allowed to combine with WAEC or NECO. Although, you can combine two NABTEB results but not NABTEB and WAEC or NABTEB and NECO.

YABATECH HND Part-time Requirements

To be considered admission into the part-time or full-time program for HND, candidates must possess an S.S.C.E result that matches with the course the individual wants to apply for.

You can check the HND courses in Yabatech and their O’level requirements here.

A relevant National diploma certificate with at least a pass grade is also compulsory.

A one-year post-national diploma industrial experience (Industrial Training). However, Candidates with a pass in national diploma must complete 2 years of industrial training.

Benefits of YABATECH Part-time Programme

1. Work and Study

As a part-time student in YABATECH, you can work and study at the same time. The lecture timing gives you the flexibility to do so.

2. Learn a Skill while studying

If you do not have a job but have someone sponsoring your education, you can learn a skill while studying. This gives you an edge in the job market. 

3. Switch to Full-time programme

Candidates applying for the ND part-time programme can switch to the HND full-time programme or do a direct entry to a university full-time programme after completing the ND programme. This allows you to participate in the one-year national youth service scheme (NYSC).

4. Study in a Reputable School

YABATECH is among the most reputable schools in Nigeria. As a Yaba College of Technology graduate, you will easily stand out among your peers during your job search. YABATECH graduates are perceived as top-notch all over Nigeria.

5. School Fee Flexibility

You can decide to pay half of your school fee in the first semester instead of paying all at once. Once you have made the half payment, you will get your matriculation number and you will be able to write the school exams. In the second semester, you have to pay the remaining half to be able to write the semesters exams.

6. Fast Academic Calendar

The YABATECH Part-time programme academic calendar is fast compared to some other schools in Nigeria. Within a period of two years and some months, you will be done with your programme.

A semester takes 14 weeks to be completed (3months and two weeks) after which the school will go on a few weeks break before resumption of the second semester. A whole academic session lasts for about 7-8 months.

7. Strike Free

ASUP strike does not affect the part-time students in YABATECH. If ASUP goes on strike while you are schooling, you will continue to have lectures, text and do your exams at the right time.

8. Study in a Serene Environment

The study environment here is calm. There are fewer distractions. If you need a quiet place to study, there are outlets where you can go to study apart from the school library.

You also have access to the school library but you can only use the library before it closes by 4 pm. During exam periods, the Library is usually open for long periods of time.

YABATECH is a cult free campus so you or your ward is free from harassment from cult groups.

9. Direct Entry

After completing your ND or HND part-time programme, you can do a direct entry to any University of your choice. As a reputable school, YABATECH graduates are readily accepted for direct entry into any University in Nigeria.

However, you must graduate with a good result as most Federal government Universities accept only upper or distinction students.

10. Study Abroad Advantage

YABATECH certificates are accepted in American and European universities. With your ND or HND certificate, you can travel abroad to complete your education.

Do I need JAMB to Apply for the YABATECH Part-time Form?

No, you do not need to write the JAMB UTME exams to apply for the YABATECH part-time programme. This is not only applicable to YABATECH alone. Every school that offers part-time programmes do not require JAMB UTME exams from applicants before they can apply.

JAMB UTME exams are only compulsory when you want to apply for full-time programmes.

You may be wondering why this is so;

The part-time programme is designed for people that want to work and study at the same time. It is also an avenue for tertiary institutions to make a lot of money. Hence the application process is not as rigorous as the full-time programmes.

The application process is made extremely easy so many students can apply. However, if you are not properly guided in the application process, you may lose your chances of getting admission without knowing what happened.

YABATECH does not conduct any form of entrance examination for admission. Once you apply and meet the criteria for admission, you will be given admission.

List of Available Courses and Lecture Period

In this part of the article, you will get to know about the list of courses available for both the OND and HND part-time programme. Kindly take your time to check the course you want to apply for and know the lecture period.

There have been cases where a candidate applied only to find out later that the time for lectures was not favourable due to work or other circumstances.

Unfortunately, your application money will not be refunded if you apply and find out later on that the lecture time does not favour you.

Courses available for YABATECH ND Part-time Programme

1. Management and Business Studies

  1. Accountancy.
  2. Business Administration and Management.
  3. Banking and Finance.
  4. Office Technology and Management.
  5. Marketing.

Lecture Days: Saturdays and Sundays, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM only.

2. Liberal Studies

  1. Mass Communication.

Lecture Days: Mondays to Fridays, from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM only.

3. Technology.

  1. Computer Science. (Yaba or Epe Annex)
  2. Science and Laboratory Technology.
  3. Food Technology.
  4. Statistics.
  5. Hospitality Management.
  6. Textile Technology.

Lecture Days: Mondays to Fridays, from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM only.

4. Engineering.

  1. Agricultural Technology.
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering.
  4. Civil Engineering.
  5. Computer Engineering.
  6. Metallurgical Engineering.
  7. Industrial Maintenance Engineering.

Lecture Days: Mondays to Fridays, from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM only.

5. Environmental Studies.

  1. Estate Management.
  2. Quantity Survey.
  3. Building Technology.

Lecture Days: Mondays to Fridays, from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM only.

6. Art

  1. General Art.
  2. Industrial Design and Fashion.
  3. Printing Technology.

Lecture Days: Mondays to Fridays, from 5 pm to 9:00 pm daily.

Courses Available for YABATECH HND Part-time

1. Management and Business Studies

  1. Accountancy.
  2. Business Administration and Management.
  3. Office Technology and Management.
  4. Marketing.

Lecture Days: Saturdays and Sundays, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM only.

2. Liberal Studies

  1. Mass Communication.

Lecture Days: Mondays to Fridays, from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM only.

3. Science and Technology

  1. Biochemistry.
  2. Computer Science.
  3. Chemistry.
  4. Food Technology.
  5. Hospitality Management.
  6. Microbiology.
  7. Physics with Electronics.
  8. Statistics.
  9. Textile Technology.

Lecture Days: Mondays to Fridays, from 5 pm to 9:00 pm daily.

4. Environmental Studies

  1. Estate Management.
  2. Environmental Biology.
  3. Building Technology.

Lecture Days: Mondays to Fridays, from 5 pm to 9:00 pm daily.

5. School of Engineering

  1. Civil Engineering.
  2. Computer Engineering.
  3. Mechanical Engineering.
  4. Electrical Engineering.
  5. Industrial Maintenance Engineering.

Lecture Days: Mondays to Fridays, from 5 pm to 9:00 pm daily.

6. Art

  1. Graphic Design.
  2. Industrial Design

Lecture Days: Mondays to Fridays, from 5 pm to 9:00 pm daily.

How to Apply for the YABATECH Part-Time Form

In this part of the article, you will learn how to purchase the form by yourself. Follow the steps below;

Step 1: Check the lecture time of the course you want to apply for

Do not assume that the lectures are done only on Saturdays and Sundays. For some courses, lectures are held from Mondays to Fridays, from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Make sure that you know the lecture schedule for the course you want to apply for. If you are comfortable with the timing, you can go ahead with the application.

You can see the list of courses here and the lecture time for each course.

Step 2: Check the subject requirement for the course you want to apply for

Each course has its required O’level subject combination. You must have the required subject combination before you apply for the form.

If you apply with the wrong combination, you will not be admitted.

You can see the list of YABATECH part-time courses and their subject requirements here.

Step 3: Visit the YABATECH application portal

Visit the YABATECH part-time application portal to select the programme type you are applying for and fill in your information.

Step 4: Fill in your Details

Now, select the programme type you want to apply for. If you are applying for a National diploma, select the option with “national diploma” and vice versa for HND.

yabatech part time form application 1

Select the course you are applying for in the department option.

Fill in your name as they are on your WAEC, NECO or NABTEB result. Your surname is the name that appears first on your result, the second name on the result is your first name while the third name on the result is your middle name.

Enter a valid email address and phone number then click on submit when you are done.

Step 5: Copy your Application number and Invoice number

On the next page, copy your application number and invoice number. You will need them later during the registration. You can write it down on a notepad or screenshot it.

Yabatech part time application invoice

Step 6: Visit Remita to make a Payment

Remita is the official payment gateway for federal government schools in Nigeria. You can visit the direct link for payment using the link below.

Click on Pay E-invoice. Check the image below.

Remita E-invoice

Paste the invoice number (RRR) from step 5 into the box and click on submit.

Remita pay e-invoice 2

Enter your card details and complete the payment. Once the payment is completed, proceed to step 7.

Step 7: Log in to the Application Portal

Go back to the YABATECH application portal, and enter your application number (YCT……..) and surname as password.

Click here to log in.

YABATECH application portal login

Paste the invoice number (RRR number) in the space provided and click on submit.

YABATECH RRR application number

Step 8: Fill in your Biodata

On the next page, you need to fill in your date of birth, state of origin and other details. After filling in every detail correctly, click on submit.

Step 9: Pay for O’level Verification

YABATECH will verify your O’level results manually, hence, you need to pay for this service. The price you will pay depends on how many O’level results you are applying with.

One result is ₦2,000 while two results are ₦4,000.

Step 10: Preview the application and submit

After completing the form and filling your O’level result, you will be allowed to preview the form.

Make sure you preview to check for errors. If there are no errors, you can submit the form.

After submitting the form, print the application slip or save it as PDF.

Step 11: Register for a JAMB number

The joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB) has made it compulsory that candidates applying for part-time programmes must have a JAMB number.

Note that you do not need to write a JAMB exam after the registration. All you need to do is register for the number and you will get it instantly.

You can read our article on how to get a JAMB number for part-time registration.

If you have any issues with the registration, kindly join our Telegram group to get your issues resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is YABATECH part-time school fees?

    ND students pay between 70,000 Naira to 75,000 Naira while HND students pay between 75,000 Naira to 80,000 Naira.

    Note that payments can be made in two equal instalments. You can pay half in the first semester and pay the remaining half in the second semester.

    You can see our comprehensive article on YABATECH school fee price for all courses here.

  2. How many years will it take to complete the part-time programme?

    Approximately 2 years and 6 months.

  3. Can Part-time Students get School hostels?

    The school hostel is only for full time students. However, there are private hostels around the school environs that you can patronise. Most part-time students rent houses that are close to the school.

  4. How much is private hostels around the school?

    The prices differ. You can see private hostels from 150,000 Naira to 200,000 Naira per year.

  5. How much is accommodation around the school?

    A single room close to YABATECH cost about 80,000 Naira per year and 100,000 Naira for agent and agreement (180,000 Naira total) while a room self contain cost around 250,000 Naira per year and 100,000 Naira for agent and agreement (350,000 Naira total).

    Most students who cannot afford to pay all the rent look for room mates that they can share the bill with.

  6. Can I go for NYSC service after my Part-time programme?

    ND students will have to switch to HND full time to qualify for the NYSC programme while HND part-time students will not go for service, however, they will get an exemption letter.

We hope this article has given you more information on the YABATECH part-time form or programme. You can also check our article on the YABATECH ND full-time form for 2021/2022.

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