How to Check if Your O’LEVEL Result has Been Uploaded to JAMB Website

It is mandatory for every candidate seeking admission in Nigeria to upload their O’level results to JAMB website. This can be done either during JAMB registration or after registration. Candidates who registered for JAMB while awaiting their SSCE results need to do this.

In this article, you will learn how to check if your O’level result has been uploaded to the JAMB website.

check olevel on jamb

To do this, you need to know the email you used to register for JAMB and the password too. If you don’t have these details or you have forgotten them, you can check this article on how to retrieve your JAMB email and JAMB password.

How to Check if Your OLEVEL Result Has Been Uploaded to JAMB Website

You will learn how to check if your Olevel result has been uploaded to JAMB CAPS in five simple steps.

Step 1: Visit the JAMB E-facility portal

The JAMB E-facility portal is your personal page on JAMB website where you can view details about your JAMB registration, check your admission status etc.

You can visit the JAMB E-facility page by clicking on this link.

Step 2: Enter your Email address and Password

Enter the email address and password you chose during your JAMB registration.

Step 3: Click on Check Admission status

See the image below;


If you are browsing with a mobile phone, you can see this option by scrolling down a bit.

Step 4: Click on Access my Caps

This page will open your JAMB central admission processing system page where you can check if your O’level result has been uploaded to JAMB, accept or reject admission etc.

JAMB caps link

If you are browsing this page with an android phone, you need to switch your chrome browser to desktop mode. You can do this by clicking the three horizontal lines in Google chrome browser then select desktop site from the list of options.

See the image below;

switch google chrome to desktop

Step 5: Click on My O’level

On the left-hand side of the page, click on My O’level to see if your O’level result has been uploaded to your JAMB portal.


After clicking this, your O’level result should appear on the page. If you are sure that you have uploaded your O’level result but it does not appear, click on the refresh button below the page.

Olevel JAMB CAPS 3

If you still don’t see the result, you have to re-upload your O’level result to JAMB portal.

We hope you have learnt how to check if your O’level result has been uploaded to JAMB website. You can also check our article on catchment areas for schools in Lagos State.

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  1. Adebayo motunrayo says:

    Thanks this has helped me a lot

  2. I uploaded mine since 2 months ago where I did my registration still can’t find it on my caps I 2ent to jamb office yesterday they scanned it but that one they uploaded is still there
    Where I du my registration the did mistake on my chemistry grae isnted of c6 the put c5 but I scanned the correct document yesterday please will that affect my admissions

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Sometimes it takes a while for the result to appear on your portal. You have to keep checking. Yes, it can affect your admission.

  3. Thank you. This was so much helpful.

  4. I have uploaded severally my O’level and A’ level results to Jamb portal,it shows successful, but the school I applied to told me ,they haven’t received it, I have tried severally.
    What can I do, I am so tired, psychologically and financially

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      It takes time for the result to appear on the JAMB portal. Sometimes two weeks or more. Contact JAMB on Twitter to complain about this.

  5. Dele bayo says:

    This is very helpful….thank you sir

  6. fathia surajudeen says:

    This was so helpful thank u so much

  7. Onah chioma says:

    Your post is nice and helpful but there’s nothing on the left hand side of the page when I click on access my caps. It only shows welcome and log out.
    Is there anything I can do about it??

  8. Ubani Happiness says:

    I can’t check my ohh
    Am using iPhone and it’s hard for me to check mine
    Pls I need help

  9. Mbey Divine says:

    I don’t have an admission yet because my results that was successfully uploaded is not reflecting on my dashboard.
    Please all I need is solution,
    Am expecting a positive answer,
    Thank you.