Caleb University School Fee for all Departments

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Caleb University Imota is a private University in Lagos, Nigeria. The Caleb University school fee is one of the most affordable private university in Nigeria. In this post, you will see the tuitionĀ fee to study in the aforementioned school.

Caleb does not accept cash in payment. They only accept bank draft or managers cheque. The school does not offer any form of online payments.

The bank draft or managers cheque will be exchanged with the Universities official receipt at the bursary department on or before resumption.

Caleb University School Fee Table

The table above is in PDF format. You can download the CALEB school fees breakdown from here if you can’t view it properly.

There are other fees not included in the table above. The Hostel fee and infrastructural development fee. The infrastructural development fee is only payable by 100 Level students. Infrastructural development costs 25,000 Naira.

Hostel accommodationĀ is paid every semester. There are three types of hostel accommodation at Caleb University. They are as follow;

  • Type A – 6Bedded Room 70,000 Naira per semester.
  • Type B – 4Bedded Room 100,000 Naira per semester.
  • Type C – 2Bedded Room 180,000 Naira per semester.

The hostel accommodation must be paid for in full before a student can be allowed into the halls of residence. Though a candidate can choose the type of hostel they want, an alternative hostel shall be given where the preferred hostel is not available.

Candidates who just got admitted must pay the Caleb University school fee in full before screening commences.

Please note that Caleb University school fee is paid every semester. There are two semesters in an academic session.


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