YABATECH Website Gets a New Design

Change has finally gotten to Yabatech as the school website gets a new touch.  The new Yabatech website design is 100 percent mobile-friendly and looks more beautiful than the previous one.

The new design comes bundled with lots of new features.

Features of New Yabatech Website

  1. A phone number to call for enquiries
  2. A new browser Icon
  3. A widget containing the list of the school principal officers.
  4. A more lengthy history of the college
  5. Mobile optimised latest news tab
  6. College event tab
  7. A photo gallery
  8. A whole lot of links that were only available on Web view
  9. A map was added at the bottom for those visiting for the first time

With all the important links at the homepage, the site can now be easily navigated. You no longer need to use a computer before you can check payment confirmation or to pay acceptance fee.

You can check the college  website at www.yabatech.edu.ng

The design credit goes to The Center for Information Technology Management, Yaba College of Technology.
For record purpose: The site was redesigned on the 2nd, March 2016.


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