YABATECH: Vacancy for the Post of Rector

The search for a new rector has begun at Yaba College of Technology, Yabatech. The college has advertised the vacancy slot on its website. Don’t get high hopes if you are a fresh graduate; this is not that type of vacancy :).

The Incumbent rector, Mrs Margaret Kudirat Ladipo assumed duties at the college on the 10th of December 2009. Mrs Kudirat has completed two tenures at the college. As it is mandated in the Federal Polytechnics Act;

As it is mandated in the Federal Polytechnics Act; A Rector shall hold office for four years. The Rector may be re-appointed for another period of four years and after that, no more.

Qualities and Qualifications For the New Rector

Prospective candidates for this post are expected to have the following features;

1. Must have a Masters or a Doctorate degree in any of the disciplines offered by the college with a minimum of fifteen (15) years of professional and administrative experience; at least, five of which must have been gained in an institution of comparable status.

2.  Must be a Chief Lecturer with not less than five (5) years experience in that grade.

3. Must not be more than 60 years of age at the time of assumption of office, in December 2017.

4. Must demonstrate evidence of strong academic, administrative and visionary leadership, initiative and creativity in positive managerial attributes.

5. Must belong to a recognized and reputable professional body(ies)/Associate(s).

6. Must provide evidence of scholarly publications in reputable journals as well as the presentation of invited papers of educational conferences, seminars and/or workshops.

7. Must be able to attract research grants and development facilities to the college.

8. Must be a person with initiative and vision for sustaining the accelerated pace of development of the college, even under financial and other challenging constraints.\

9. Must be a fair-minded and dynamic individual, who will not pursue racial, ethnic, gender, political, religious or other sectional interest and one with an impeccable reputation.

10. Must enjoy excellent physical and mental health (with evidence from a government hospital).

11. Must be proficient in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

12. Must present a vision statement on how to develop Yaba College of Technology.

Terms of Appointment and Conditions of Service

As mentioned earlier, this post lasts for four years. Although, It can be extended to another four years after a good performance and no more. The salary is consolidated and the appointee shall enjoy other perks as may be approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Method Of Application

All candidates must be accompanied by 20 typewritten copies of their CV giving details in the following order;

  1. Full Name with Surname underlined.
  2. Date and place of birth.
  3. State of Origin/Local Government.
  4. Nationality & how it was acquired.
  5. Marital Status.
  6. Number & ages of children.
  7. Current Postal Address including telephone number & e-mail.
  8. Educational institutions attended with dates.
  9. Academic/Professional qualifications obtained with dates.
  10. Membership of Professional Body(ies)/Association(s).
  11. Academic/Scholarly publications (in standard format).
  12. Previous Employment(s) and post held with dates.
  13. Present Employment including status and salary.
  14. A statement of his/her own vision for the Polytechnic in the 21st century (20 copies).
  15. Other activities outside current employment.
  16. Names and addresses of three (3) Referees (Employer, Educational, and Personal) who are to forward confidential reports on them directly to the Registrar and Secretary to Council, Yaba College of Technology. Such Referees should be able to attest to the candidates’ claims to high academic, managerial and leadership capabilities as well as their notable uprightness.

Applicants must be ready to provide proof for every claim with documented evidence (where applicable) and must come along with originals of certificates if invited for an interview.

The applications are to be submitted in a sealed envelope and Marked “POST OF RECTOR” on the top-left hand corner. The letter should be addressed to;

The Chairman,
Search Team for Post of Rector
C/o Office of the Registrar
Yaba College of Technology
P.M.B 2011, Yaba

The letter must reach the office of the Registrar on a date no later than September 8, 2017.


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