Yabatech Part-Time School Fees Now Flexible

yabatech logoYeah!!! It’s good news at Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos. Just recently, a memo was posted stating that the part-time students of the school could pay their school fees twice at a ratio of 60:40 per cent.

This means part-time students of the college can pay their school fees two times instead of the initial one-time payment; sixty per cent of the first payment and forty per cent on the second payment. Please note that this is only applicable to Part-time students.

The flexibility in school fee payment will attract more candidates to the Part-time program. It will also reduce the number of students who drop out due to inability to pay before the due date.

Henceforth, students will be given the option to either make payment once or pay 60/40 per cent of the school fee when logged into the student portal. Some other schools like the Lagos state Polytechnic already practice this model.

A student of Mass Communication who asked to remain anonymous has this to say;

There are so many bad policies in Yabatech. First of all, part time students have to spend 3 years in school instead of 2 as it is in other Polytechnics. We also have to do a one year I.T if we want to continue the part time program at the HND level. Do they expect us to leave our jobs and look for where to do I.T? Anyway, this new developement is a welcome one.

When students make the first payment, they will be allowed to register their first-semester courses and would only be allowed to register their second-semester courses when they make the complete payment.

As it is a custom in the school, new intakes get their matriculation numbers after paying their school fee. The flexibility in fee payment will allow new students to make part payment and still get a matriculation number. This is a good one if you ask me.


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  1. Its a good idea that part-time students are now eligible to pay there school fees at the rate of 60:40 percentage GLORY!

  2. They actually tried on this aspect,, I would applaud them,, but it is so unreasonable for a part-time students to go for 1year I.T ,, they should better restructure it, because only instalment payment can’t drive candidates in…