Yabatech Hostel Application 2016/2017

Yabatech candidates who were admitted for the 2016/2017 academic session can now get the Yabatech hostel application form. Only students who get the form will be given hostels. The Yabatech hostel application form has been reopened for students to apply.

The form closed initially on June 13 and was reopened on June 19.

How to Apply for Yabatech Hostel

The hostel form can be gotten at the Yabatech Microfinance Bank. At the bank, students would be requested the following;

  1. Student full name.
  2. Course of study.
  3. Level (class).
  4. Matric Number.
  5. Phone number.
  6. Evidence of school fee payment.

Please note that; not all candidates who applied for the hostel will be given hostel accommodation.

The Yabatech hostel application form cost 600 Naira. After payment, you will be required to complete a form on the school portal. No closing date has been announced but students who are interested should hurry up and get the form.

After applying for the hostel, the school will share the several hostels among the students that qualify. Students who were awarded hostel will then proceed to pay the hostel fee.

Price Of Yabatech Hostel(s)

Though this price is subject to change. This is the price of Yabatech hostels as at the 2016/2017 academic session.

  • Moshood Abiola Hall = 14,000 Naira
  • Augustus Aikomu (complex hostel) = 14,000 Naira
  • Bakkasi hostel = 14,000 Naira
  • Post Graduate Hall = 22,500 Naira
  • Akata Hall = 14,000 Naira
  • New Female Hall = 17,500

Note that Yabatech hostel fee is not included in the school fees. A refundable fee of 2,500 Naira will be paid as caution fees.

Students have only a few days or weeks to pay the hostel fee. If the hostel fee is not paid on time, the hostel will be reallocated to someone else. Pay on time to retain your slot.


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  1. Is it each of d student dat will pay d 14k or all d students have to contribute

    1. Christopher Akuneme says:

      Each student pays the price for the hostel.

  2. It's possible but Hostels are allocated. You cannot choose a hostel by yourself, the school gives you any hostel at random.

  3. Anonymous says:

    cant we get a hpstel of 2 people in a room

  4. Pls Wen Wil Paymnt Of Hostel Fee commence?, N Ar Dos Hostel Of 14K conducive asin is der water n electricity?

  5. iyanuoluwa says:

    How many students are in a room?for all the hostels

  6. 4 0r 8, depending on the size of the room

  7. Payments of hostel will commence when school resumes next year march. There is constant electricity especially at night and there is also constant water supply