WAEC Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

This post contains some frequently asked questions WAEC candidates ask. In this post, we will try to list these questions and proffer the best answers to them. If you do not find answers to your questions, use the comment box to ask further questions.

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WAEC Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What is WAEC?

WAEC is the acronym for West African Examination Council. It is the body responsible for secondary school examinations in Nigeria and other West African countries. WAEC is done in five different countries; Nigeria, Ghana, Siera Leone, Liberia, and The Gambia.

The West African Examination Council was established in 1952. For a more detailed report on WAEC, you should read this Wikipedia article on WAEC.

2. What is WAEC website?

WAEC has a variety of website. The website for checking WAEC result is different from the one for doing registrations. Below are some of the domains related to WAEC;

3. How do I register for the WAEC exam?

There is WASSCE, JSCE and WAEC GCE. The West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and Junior Secondary Certificate Examination (JSCE) are registered in the candidate’s school. While the WAEC General Certificate Examination (WAEC GCE) can be registered privately or by going to business centres that offer WAEC GCE registration services.

4. Where can I get WAEC timetable?

You can download the WAEC timetable for the current year from our website. We always update the WAEC timetable every year. Check WAEC timetable here and WAEC GCE Timetable here.

5. How do I check my WAEC Result?

WAEC results are easy to check. You need to buy a WAEC scratch card to be able to check WAEC results online. You can purchase WAEC scratch card from us. After you have gotten your scratch card, check our post on how to check WAEC result.

6. Where can I buy a WAEC scratch card?

You can get WAEC scratch card from any WAEC office, Authorised dealer outlets. Candidates can purchase the WAEC scratch card from us online. Once we have received payments for the recharge card, we will send you the card serial number and pin to your email address. We could also help you check your result online for free if you request it.

7. Can I use one WAEC scratch card to check more than one result?

Once a WAEC scratch card has been used, it cannot be used by another candidate. A trial will only produce error messages.

8. How do I upgrade my WAEC result?

Do not be deceived by scammers online. WAEC result can never be upgraded. These scammers do not have access to the WAEC database of results. The scammers can only create a fake paper copy of the result which will be different from what is online. Also, note that; it is a criminal offence to forge results or certificates.

9. Where is WAEC office located?

WAEC has offices in all its member countries. In Nigeria, WAEC has offices in every state in the country. Check out our post on WAEC office address in Nigeria (coming soon)

10. When will WAEC result come out?

The West African Examination Council has stated that WAEC results will be released 60 days after the exam. Immediately the results are out, candidates can go online to check their results.

11. How can I collect my Original WAEC certificate?

You can collect your WAEC original result 2 years after the exam was written. Candidates can get the original result at a WAEC zonal or state office.

12. Can I combine WAEC and NECO result for admission?

Yes. WAEC and NECO results can be combined together for admission into any school that accepts two sittings. Some schools like the University of Lagos do not accept two sittings.

13. There was a mistake on my WAEC result, how do I correct it?

Corrections can only be made by visiting a WAEC office. WAEC has stopped the correction of Biodata.

14. How can I retrieve my WAEC examination number?

We have written a post on how to retrieve WAEC examination number. Take your time to go through the post and learn how to retrieve WAEC exam number with ease. To retrieve a WAEC GCE examination number, visit the WAEC office.

15. Can I use my WAEC result abroad?

Yes, you can. WAEC result can be used to process school admissions in foreign countries.

16. Do WAEC results expire?

WAEC results do not expire. The results can be used anytime irrespective of the year it was written.

17. When will my WAEC original certificate come out?

It usually comes out two years after the exam was written.

18. Does WAEC replace lost certificates?

No. WAEC does not replace lost certificates. Instead, it issues a statement of result to owners of missing certificates or confirms results for a fee.

19. How do I process confirmation of result?

Confirmation of result can be gotten by submitting the following to WAEC;

  1.  One plain foolscap envelope
  2. One stamped, addressed envelope for each confirmation of results.
  3. 250 postage stamp for local mails
  4. 350 postage stamp for international mails
  5. An affidavit sworn in a court of law which should contain the candidate’s full name in full, name of examination and year of examination.
  6. Two copies of the candidate’s passport photograph per result.
  7. Fee for confirmation of results (10,000 Naira for overseas and 5000 Naira for institutions within Nigeria)

Just like transcripts, confirmed results are not handed over to candidates. They are sent to the institutions/establishments that requested it from the candidate.

20. Why are some results cancelled?

A candidates WAEC result can be cancelled if found guilty of examination malpractice.

21. Can Candidates register a protest over exam result?

Only WAEC SSCE candidates can register a protest over their WAEC results. The option is not available for WAEC GCE candidates.

Even then, a school candidate does not write directly to WAEC. It is his principal who, knowing the candidate’s ability, forwards a request for the review of the candidate’s scripts. Of course, there is a specified fee to be paid on every paper to be reviewed. Such requests should be sent in within sixty days of any examination.

22. Who are the people in charge of marking WAEC scripts?

WAEC appoints examiners to mark WAEC scripts. These examiners are usually educationists who are already familiar with classroom situations. The identity of these examiners is not disclosed.

23. How do I contact WAEC for inquiries?

The West African Examination Council has a very active Twitter handle. Anybody with questions can tweet to WAEC @waecnigeria.

These questions have been asked frequently by candidates so we compiled them here with their answers. As time goes on, more questions and answers may be added.

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  1. I have checked my result 5 times and now my scratch card is Expired can I Still buy another this year

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      You have to purchase another WAEC result checker card.

  2. Pls my cosin wrote waec 2018 and discovered that the date of birth was wrong and had E8 in chemistry and he wrote again in 2019 and got D7 in physic with correct date of birth. Pls can he combine the two result?

    1. Christopher says:

      He can combine both. He can visit a WAEC office, he may be considered for correction.