How to Upload O’level Result to JAMB Portal

Are you looking for how to upload your O’Level result to JAMB portal?

The Joint admission and matriculation board, JAMB, has made it compulsory that before you can be offered admission into the full-time programme of any tertiary institution in Nigeria, you must apply through JAMB and upload your O’level result to the JAMB central admission processing system (CAPS).

In this article, you will learn how to upload your O’level result to JAMB portal.

upload olevel to JAMB portal

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What is Uploading of O’level to JAMB Portal?

The title itself is self explanatory. Uploading of O’level results involves you uploading either your WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB result to the JAMB website in order to be considered for admission.

Over the years, JAMB has reformed how students get admission into universities and polytechnics in Nigeria. Before now, after candidates write the JAMB UTME exams, they go to their school of choice to write post utme exams, then the school offers the candidates admission if the students qualify.

In the new dispensation, there is a little tweak to the whole process; Candidates have to write JAMB, go to the school to write a Post-UTME exam (not all schools write post-utme exams). After the Post-UTME exams, the school pushes a list of qualified candidates to JAMB while JAMB will automatically cross-check its system (JAMB CAPS) to confirm if the candidate is eligible for admission.

JAMB already has the cut-off marks and O’level requirements of every school. So when schools push the list of qualified candidates to JAMB, the JAMB central admission processing system automatically checks if the candidate’s JAMB score and O’level result meets the requirement of the school.

In essence, candidates need to upload their O’level result to JAMB CAPS so that JAMB can have a copy of their result.

During the admission process, if a candidate is qualified by the school but has not uploaded an O’level result to JAMB portal, the admission will automatically be declined.

You might be wondering why JAMB has to verify after the school has qualified a candidate.

Well, some schools are involved in admission fraud.

There are cases whereby a student bribes school officials and gets admitted without meeting the requirements.

JAMB stepped in with this system to prevent all that.

How to Upload O’level Result to JAMB Portal

Before you go about uploading your O’level results to JAMB, you need to confirm if your result has already been uploaded. We have written an article on how to check if your O’level result has been uploaded to JAMB.

If it has not been uploaded, follow the simple process below to do so.

Step 1: Visit a JAMB CBT Center

Only JAMB CBT centres are authorized to upload O’level results to the JAMB website. You cannot do this at a cyber cafe or business centre. However, some cyber cafes are agents to CBT centres.

It is better if you go directly to a CBT centre to get this done.

Step 2: Take your O’level Result and Photo Card Along

While going to the CBT centre, do not forget to go along with your O’level result and JAMB photo card. The JAMB photo card is the print out you got after registering for the JAMB UTME exam.

Step 3: Pay the Required Service Fee

You are required to pay a fee to the CBT centre for uploading O’level results to JAMB. The price you will pay depends on the CBT centre. However, the price ranges from ₦500 to ₦1,000. 

After payment, move to the next step.

Step 4: Provide the CBT Centre Official your Documents

Provide your documents to the officer in charge to help you upload your O’level result to JAMB.

Note that if you are applying with two sittings, you have to upload the two results to JAMB.

Step 5: Confirm that your Result has Been Uploaded

Sometimes after uploading your result to JAMB, the result does not appear immediately. This is dangerous as you need to ensure that your result is on JAMB before the school you applied for begins to offer admission. You can use your mobile phone to confirm if your result has been uploaded to the JAMB CAPS.

How to Upload Result on JAMB Portal with Phone

For now, this is not possible. You cannot upload your O’level result to JAMB all by yourself either through a mobile phone or a computer. You must use the service of a JAMB CBT centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

JAMB Uploading of Result Deadline

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board does not have a deadline for uploading results. But it is best to upload as soon as possible.

Is Uploading of results to JAMB Compulsory?

It is compulsory to upload your results to JAMB CAPS. If you do not do it at the right time, you will not be admitted into any school.

How Much is Uploading of Results to JAMB?

The price depends on the CBT centre you patronise. The price ranges from ₦500 to ₦1,500.

Will I Be Offered Admission if I Upload my O’Level to JAMB?

The single act of uploading your result to JAMB does not guarantee that you will be admitted into your school of choice. There are other factors involved. Your JAMB score, Post-UTME score or grade and school of choice also determine if you will be admitted or not.

We hope you have learnt how to upload your O’level result to JAMB. You can also check our article on how to do a change of institution or data correction on JAMB.

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