UNILAG Releases Guidelines for 2020 Post-UTME Screening Exam

The University of Lagos, Akoka has released guidelines and instructions ahead of the 2020 Post-UTME screening exam coming up from February 15 to February 23, 2021.

Candidates are advised to follow these instructions carefully as failure to do so will result in forfeiture of admission if given.

UNILAG Post-UTME Instructions and Guidelines for 2020 Exams

Below are the instructions given by the school;

1. Candidates Must Comport Themselves Properly

UNILAG is a very competitive school. Due to fact that the school will admit only a few numbers of candidates applying, it’s easy to get disqualified for provocative reasons.

During the UNILAG Post-UTME exam, you are expected to behave properly as if you are writing a physical exam with invigilators watching.

2. A Reliable Internet is Highly Recommended

The Post-UTME exam will be held online. You are expected to have a reliable internet connection on the exam date.

If you are doing the exam from home, you should test or ask for the internet provider with the best connectivity in your area.

3. Attempt Exam with a Webcam and Microphone Enabled Device

All your activities during the exams will be monitored. You are expected to use a computer with webcam and microphone features enabled. The webcam and microphone must work properly.

For the best experience, the use of mobile phones are not encouraged.

4. You must not Cover your Webcam

As stated earlier, you will be monitored during the entirety of the exam. You are not allowed to cover your webcam for any reason. Doing this may result in disqualification.

5. You Must not Leave your Position

Once you login to the UNILAG Post-UTME exam portal and commence the exam, you must not leave your position to do something else. Just like in a physical CBT exam, you cannot leave the exam premises to do something else.

6. No Opening of Tabs or other Computer Applications

Candidates are not allowed to open new tabs or computer software during the course of the exam.

UNILAG does not allow the use of calculators during exams; you cannot use the calculator software or any other software apart from your web browser during the exam.

7. Nobody should be With You During the Exam

Not even your friend, family members or enemy should be present while you are writing the exams. You will be disqualified if anybody is seen around you during the exam.

You should pick a quiet place in the house with no disturbance to attempt the exams.

8. The Time Duration is 30 Minutes

Immediately you login to the UNILAG Post-UTME portal and click the start button, the countdown will begin to read. Even if you log out from the portal, the timer will keep reading.

9. Your Answers will Be Submitted Automatically when Time Elapses

As soon as the timer clocks 30 minutes, your aptitude test will be submitted automatically.

10. No Face Masks or Caps Allowed

Face masks and caps prevent the webcam from capturing your face properly. The school needs to be sure that no impersonation occured during the exams.

You are not allowed to wear a face mask, cap or anything that will prevent the webcam from capturing all parts of your face during the exam.

11. Post-UMTE Exam Schedule

The exam will be done in different batches. UNILAG Post-UTME candidates can start checking their exam schedule from Tuesday, February 9th, 2021.

The exam schedule will contain the date and time a candidate will write the exam.

Candidates are not expected to miss the date and time given.

12. Check your Emails Frequently

Candidates are advised to check their email inboxes frequently. The school will communicate important information via email to candidates.

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