Unilag Hostel Accommodation Balloting 2016/17

Getting hostel accommodation in the University of Lagos is not an easy feat. If you don’t stay upto date with the latest news on Unilag Hostel, you might miss out totally.<! – – more–>

Any update about Unilag hostel will be posted on this page, either for freshers, returning students or final year students, everything will be posted here. You should bookmark this page and come back once in a while to check if there’s any update.

Unilag Hostel Balloting for Freshers

No news on that yet.

Unilag Hostel Balloting for Returning and Final Year Students

The students affairs division of the University has released a statement saying that, Unilag will commence Hostel balloting on Monday, 21st of November, 2016. The balloting for returning and final year students will end on Friday, 25th of November, 2016.

Add this date to your reminder so that you won’t forget.

Note that; only registered students are allowed to take part in the hostel ballot.

Unilag Hostel Balloting for Sports men and women.

No news on that yet.

Note: Unilag provides hostel for students who are part of the school team.


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  1. sir iz their still going 2 b any ballot next week