UNILAG Alumni and Zenith Bank Build Shopping Complex, Renovates Car Park

The alumni association of the University of Lagos in collaboration with Zenith Bank has built a shopping complex containing 18 shops and is also planning to renovate the Moremi car park.

Dr. Sunny Kuku, National president of the old student association said the project is in two phases; the building of the shopping complex and the rehabilitation of the Moremi car park.

According to Dr. Kuku, the shopping complex is a landmark as it is the first building the vice-chancellor will launch since he assumed into office in October 2017. He also added that the University will take adequate measures to maintain the building.

He said the next project the bank is interested in partnering with the association is the building of a 500-bed space hostel. He stated that some part of the hostel will go to the bank while the rest goes to the alumni association.

“Students will not be charged commercial fees for the hostel but enough money will be charged to maintain it.”

In his remarks, Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, the vice-chancellor of the institution said that the management has signed an agreement with the property development unit for the maintenance of the University, which includes the shopping complex and every other infrastructure in the school.


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  1. Chris Jones says:

    Carry on Don’t Stop Posting.

  2. Thomas Maduka says:

    Hmm, I hope the 500 bed hostel comes into fruition.