How to Retrieve WAEC Examination Number

Are you looking for how to retrieve WAEC examination number for yourself or a friend?

WAEC examination numbers are 10-digit number that is unique to each candidate writing any WAEC exam in a specific year.

There is no way you can check your WAEC result without knowing your examination number.

In this article, you will learn how to retrieve your WAEC examination number. You will also learn what to do if you are not able to retrieve it online by yourself.

What are WAEC Examination Numbers?

Immediately a candidate successfully registers for a WAEC exam, they are assigned a unique 10 digit number. These numbers are specific to a candidate only in the year the exam was registered.

WAEC exam numbers consist of two parts; the first parts contain the 7-digit centre number while the last three numbers are the candidate’s seat number.

In WAEC SSCE exams, seat numbers are arranged according to the spelling of the candidates surname while in WAEC GCE exams, they are arranged based on when the candidate registered for the exam.

Here is an example to help you understand better;

Bisola wrote her WAEC exams in the year 2009 at QueensBay High School, Ikeja, Lagos and her seat number was 041.

Let’s assume that the exam centre number for QueensBay High School is 4409813.

If we combine the exam centre number and seat number, we will get 4409813041 to be Bisola’s WAEC examination number for 2009.

How to Retrieve WAEC Examination Number

This tutorial will be divided into two parts. The first part will teach you how to retrieve WAEC SSCE examination numbers while the second part will teach you how to retrieve WAEC GCE examination numbers.

WAEC SSCE Examination Number Retrieval Process

There are three methods you can use to retrieve WAEC SSCE examination numbers. Check for the method that is suitable for you.

Method 1: Using the WAEC SSCE Exam Centre Number Database (Nigeria only)

WAEC has a database that contains a list of schools in the participating countries and their WAEC centre numbers. Luckily, the WAEC SSCE centre numbers for schools in Nigeria is available online.

If you wrote your WAEC SSCE exams in Nigeria and you remember your seat number, then this is the best method for you. To be able to use this method, you also need to remember the name of the school where you wrote your exams.

We will provide you with the WAEC SSCE centre numbers for schools in Nigeria.

When you get to the page, click Ctrl-F on your keyboard and type the name of the school you did your exam in the search box then copy the centre number.

If you are using a mobile phone, when you get to the page that contains the WAEC SSCE centre numbers for schools in Nigeria, press the options button and locate the “Find” or “Find in page” button then type the name of the school you did your WAEC. Copy the centre number either on your phone or on a piece of paper.

Click here to see all the WAEC examination centre numbers in Nigeria.

After you have copied the exam centre number down, just add your seat number to it without leaving any space. The seat number is in three digits E.g (006, 035, 412).

Method 2: Locate the School you Wrote your Exam

If you cannot find the name of your school on the list then this method will work for you.

Locate the school where you sat for your WAEC SSCE exam (probably your secondary school) and explain to the principal that you need your WAEC SSCE examination number.

Every secondary school has a master list of candidates who have written examination in their centre. The master list contains the names and examination numbers of each student.

Method 3: Go to WAEC Office

To do this, you need the following;

  1. A sworn affidavit from a court.
  2. A passport photograph.
  3. means of Identification (NIN, International passport, Drivers license).
  4. Subjects you did in the exam (the subjects you can remember).
  5. *Letter of approval (You only need this when you are helping a family member retrieve their result).

WAEC demands these things to prove your identity and that you actually own the result. There are cases where candidates with exact names write exams in the same year.

In order to avoid giving the wrong candidate an examination number, WAEC will scrutinize the information you provide.

Go to a court and do a sworn affidavit for loss of examination number or photo card. Take the affidavit and one passport photograph to any WAEC office.

On getting to the WAEC office, you will be given a form to fill in your name, date of birth, contact and exam details.

You will be charged ₦4,000 for the retrieval service and a compulsory WAEC result checker pin.

Please note that you have to get to the WAEC office before 1 PM, from Mondays to Fridays.

How to Retrieve WAEC GCE Examination Number

For now, WAEC GCE centre numbers are not currently available to the public. To retrieve your WAEC GCE examination number, visit a WAEC office with a passport photograph and affidavit to request for an exam number retrieval service.

Thank you for reading our article on how to retrieve WAEC examination number. We hope you find it helpful. You can also check our article on WAEC frequently asked questions and answers.

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  1. sagir mustapha says:

    i have forgotten my Exam Number. how will i do

  2. Hi, please is it possible for someone to go the waec office in your place?

    1. Yes, you can visit any branch of the West African Examination Council.

  3. i have forgotten my center number for 2016 waec how can i get it back since i am far from my school

  4. Abu chukwud says:

    Please i lost my seat number and rote my exam since 2008 please what can i do please put me true

  5. I was owning my school when i complete school. so when i check the result it says i must contact my school headmaster.
    i whent to the school and I shettle all my dept. but still I am not able to get my result.
    Please is there any help for me?

  6. Pls I forgot the name of the sch whr I wrote my waec gce in 2009 but I have my exam and seat number with me. Pls wat do I do

    1. Christopher Akuneme says:

      Since you have your exam number, what else do you need? Note that your exam number comprises of both your centre number and seat number.

    2. How sir?

  7. Thank you for this wonderful post, it is quite informative.

    I have my GCE certificate with Candidate and Certificate numbers but I have been unable to retrieve the results online. What are your thoughts around this? Can you assist?

    1. Christopher Akuneme says:

      What year did you write the GCE exam? Maybe you are not entering the correct information into WAEC website to check the result.

    2. I wrote it in 1998. My issue is The certificate I have does not contain my examination number which I believe is what is required on the WAEC website.

    3. The certificate should contain your exam number at the bottom. You can visit a WAEC office with your certificate if you can’t find it still.

    4. All I have is Certificate Number and Candidate Number.

  8. Larry praise says:

    Hey bro, wrote GCE 1996 can’t trace anything at all sir..what do I do?

    1. Christopher Akuneme says:

      Go to a WAEC Office to retrieve your information. Follow the procedures in the post.

  9. Comment: is it possible 2 get my gce exam number back for d year 2016. if possible where can i get it

  10. Oguizu Ifeoma Oguizu says:

    Comment: i cannot remember my WACE seat no, but i saw a no at back of my wace passport dt is inside my ID. Can it be my seat no?

  11. Mohammed Usman says:

    Pls I wrote exam since 2007,and my state of result is carrying two name ,and the one net is three names ,exampl
    MAHMUD ISAH on my statement result and the tesmonial,while on the one on net is MAHMOUD ISAH G.What do I do?

    1. Christopher Akuneme says:

      If the spelling of MAHMUD/MAHMOUD on both of them are the same thing, then you don’t have any problem.

  12. Iskilu taiwo says:

    Please i know my centre number but i dont remember my seat number what can i do

    1. Christopher Akuneme says:

      Follow the third method on the post. Go to a WAEC office with a sworn affidavit and passport photograph. You will be charged 1000 Naira.

  13. Onasoga Aishat Ayomide says:

    Please can I collect my original waec result without an affidavit

    1. Christopher Akuneme says:

      You do not need an affidavit if you are collecting it for the first time.

  14. Mariam Idowu Maryk says:

    Please. I wrote weac since 2002 . I didn’t check my result since then. I know my secondary school but I don’t know the seat number n centre number. Can I still get the result because I need it now

    1. Since you do not have the seat number, go to the school where you wrote the exam to get your exam number.

  15. Ovie kevwe says:

    I want to retrieve my examination number how can i do that?

  16. I know where I wrote the exam but I have forgotten my seat number. pls how can I get it back if I don’t
    want to go to that school

    1. Christopher Akuneme says:

      If it’s WAEC SSCE, follow the procedure on this post. For WAEC GCE, go to a WAEC office in the state where you wrote the exam.

  17. how can I retrieve my seat number.

    1. Christopher Akuneme says:

      Go to the school where you wrote the exam and request for your complete exam number.

  18. Michael Quaye says:

    i lost my card but i have check it only one, so how do i get it

    1. Christopher Akuneme says:

      You have to purchase a WAEC scratch card since you have misplaced the card.

  19. You are doing a great job. Please my case is very different. I wrote GCE in the past and I can’t remember my examination number and the year I wrote it. But I remember the name of the Centre. Do you think they will be able to find the examination number for me at waec office?

    1. Christopher says:

      Yes it’s possible.

    1. Christopher says:

      Thanks for stopping by.