How to Retrieve NECO Examination Number

Have you misplaced your NECO examination number? in this article, we would show you how to retrieve your NECO examination number with ease. And it is totally free.


The national examination council, NECO has a unique 10 digit alphanumeric number it gives each of its candidates. The number serves as the student’s identity, it can also be used to check NECO results when it is released.

The NECO exam number has eight numbers and two alphabets in capital letters. Here is an example; 60514564AD.

These numbers are unique to each student in different years. For example, your NECO exam number for this year might be another person exam number in a different year.

How to Retrieve NECO Examination Number

NECO has not officially released the way it formulates the exam numbers. Unlike NECO, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) is transparent on how it formulates WAEC exam numbers; 7 of the numbers are the WAEC centre number while the last three are the seat numbers.

Visit a NECO office in your state and provide the following information;

  • Full name.
  • Year of the exam.
  • Name of school where the exam was written.

Armed with this information, a national examination council official will run a search on the NECO database with the information you provided. Viola! your NECO examination number would be given to you.

As at the time of publishing this article, NECO does not charge its candidates to retrieve exam numbers. However, policies may change in the future. So, it’s smart to go to the NECO office with some money.

Have you recently tried to retrieve your NECO exam number? Tell us your experience via the comment section below.

Also, we have an article on how to retrieve WAEC exam number.



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  1. I wrote neck exam 2009 , I was told it was cancelled, recently they released it. The the process of time between when it was cancelled and released, I lost my registration number.
    I went to the schools for the exam number, it was given to me through my younger sister.
    Now, checking the result, I am told from the site message,” invalid examination number, I used token to check it, the response is ” no result for the candidate for the year 2009.
    I don’t understand what that should

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Are you sure you are entering the correct exam number and exam year? If yes, visit a NECO office near you to lay complaints about this.

  2. Ilenimobola Kazzim says:

    Good day to you, I lost my photocard and I have been to the next office, provided them with my full name, date of birth, examination type year of examination and other necessary things but they refuse to help,
    pls what can I do?

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Sorry about this. You have to go to the NECO office and demand for reasons why your NECO examination number could not be retrieved.

  3. Ekwealor Emmanuel says:

    Pls I don’t understand my registration number it is surprise to be 10 but mine is more than pls help me recover it back or change it for me pls 21101254921EJ

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      The new NECO examination numbers contain 12 alphanumeric characters (10 numbers and 2 alphabets). Your NECO exam number is correct. You do not need to change it.

  4. Okpara precious says:

    Were is the neco office located in port harcourt thank you

  5. Bulus Gabriel Aji says:

    I sat for the Neco external exams 2017 and I lost my reg. number and I attempted to retrieve it but not seeing option for 2017. Pls help sir

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      How did you try to retrieve it?

  6. Olajumoke kabiru says:

    Please give me the link to follow in other for me to retrieve my registration number

  7. Benedicta says:

    Please can it be retrieved in any state outside the state one wrote the exam?

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Yes, it can.

  8. Good day sir.. Is this information on retrieving Neco registration number still valid as we speak? Thank you!

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Yes it is still valid.

  9. Onuegbu Eugene says:

    Can you tell your brother to go to the NECO office and do it for you?

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Yes, you can.


      No I can’t because I do not have any brother and I need the registration number very urgent please help me out.

  10. Manufor phoebe says:

    I lost my neco registration number and the school number I don’t know how to get it back

    1. Chiemezie everistus egbueli says:

      How can I get my neco registration number

  11. Yakubu Abubakar says:

    Pls I wrote neco examination 2004 and it was with held is it any possibility of releasing it by now?

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      It is possible that the result has been released. There are two ways to find out; you can buy a NECO scratch card to check the result or visit a NECO offic to make enquiries.

  12. chimeremma says:

    pls,i wrote the wrong exam number on my neco exam today what can i do?

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Good day Chinemeremma. Inform your school principal about this immediately.

  13. Marvellous says:

    I have my registration number and centre number but I don’t have the photo card can they give me my neco certificate

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      You can use the online copy of your result to collect the original certificate.

  14. Iroyinayo Mary says:

    Good day sir pls I need to ask one important question, pls what is actually the difference between examination number between the candidates because I and my twin sis did the exam at the same time, she was able to get her result printed but mine got burnt, and both our sits are beside each other so, I Want to know, is the exam number different or what actually the difference if it’s one digit number or alphabet, pls I need your help in other to print mine also

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      NECO has two different numbers on a result; the centre number and the registration number. The registration number is what you use to check your result. NECO generates registration numbers randomly, this means your registration number will be entirely different from your sitting partners number. You have to follow the steps in this article to retrieve your NECO exam number.

  15. Ogunleye modupe promise says:

    Pls sir I wrote my neco exam in 2018 nd have forgotten my registration number nd I want use it for my post utme wic is closing tomorrow ND school is not open yet sir pls hw can I retrieve it

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Kindly go to a NECO office to retrieve your exam number.

  16. Please is examination number the same thing as registration number. I have a number like xxxxxxx/xxxxxxxAG. Is this the same as registration number. I finished in 2001. Thank you

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Yes it is. Your registration number consist of eight numbers and two alphabets.

  17. I just left Neco Office now in my state (Cross River)
    They asked me to pay 5k and when I asked them for the the Neco account number or revenue code to pay to, they worked me out of their office

    1. Kingsley Asukwo says:

      What if I am not in my State again!
      For example, I am from Akwa Ibom State, and what was registered and wrote my neco there!
      Now I am in Ogun State, can I go to NECO office here in Ogun State, to retrieve my NECO exam number?

    2. Lagschools Support says:

      Yes, you can retrieve it in any state.

  18. Please is there a way to access your examination number online

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      No, there is no way to access NECO exam numbers online yet. You can visit a NECO office in the state you wrote the exam to retrieve your NECO exam number.

  19. Abba Hussaini says:

    Good morning Sir. Last week, I visited my state neco office for my registration number retrieval, but they didn’t help me to retrieve it. What is the solution Sir.
    Name: Abba Hussaini
    Exam year: 2019
    Exam type: June/July
    School: Government Secondary School, Firji.
    Please help me Sir.