Nigerian Universities to Begin B.SC Programmes on Herbal Medicine

Three Nigerian Universities have already approved the course and will be starting soon.

The managing director and C.E.O of Pax Herbal Clinic and research laboratories, Reverend Anselm Adodo has made an agreement with several Universities to introduce a degree and certificate course on Herbal Medicine.

the three Universities according to Reverend Anselm are the University of Ibadan, University of Medical Sciences, Ondo state and Samuel Adegboyega University, Edo state.

The University of Medical Sciences is already in the process of introducing a bachelor’s degree in Herbal Medicine, Rev. Anselm announced.

While speaking at a press conference, Rev. Anselm said while Samuel Adegboyega university is planning on introducing a higher level certificate programme, the University of Ibadan has already approved and commenced Masters degree and Ph.D. programmes in African Traditional Medicine at its Institute of African studies.

“A course in herbal medicine has been introduced to the curriculum of UI through the Department of Pharmacy”, said Rev. Anselm.

He also stated that his Company Pax herbal is in collaboration with the University of Ibadan Institute of African studies to offer a professional course in Herbal medicine.


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