NECO Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

This post was created to answer questions students may have about NECO examinations. We have done our research and we know questions students are asking about NECO.

Though, if you don’t find an answer to your question, you can use the comment section to ask your question. So here we go.


What is the full meaning of Neco?

N..E.C.O is the abbreviation for the National Examination Council. Neco is an exam regulatory body in Nigeria that conducts examinations at the secondary school level.

What is Neco website?

Neco’s official website is

Can I check Neco result without the scratch card?

No, you cannot. You need a pin to check your Neco result. This pin can only be found in the Neco scratch card.

How can I upgrade my Neco result?

Don’t fall for that scam. NECO result cannot be upgraded. Anybody that tells you it is possible to upgrade NECO result is only trying to cheat you.

When will NECO result come out?

NECO SSCE result (normal NECO) comes out by September while NECO GCE result comes out by February. You can subscribe to our email list with the box at the end of this post to get updates concerning NECO result.

What Does NO CA3 Mean?

You can experience this issue while trying to check your NECO result. NO CA3 means your school did not upload your continuous assessment 3 on NECO’s database. If you are having this issue, your result will not be released.

To resolve this issue, go to the school where you wrote the exam, you will be required to pay the sum of 20,000 Naira to NECO TSA account as a penalty for late submission.

Can I combine WAEC and NECO result for Admission?

Yes, you can combine WAEC and NECO results for admission. Any school that accepts two sittings will accept a WAEC and NECO combination. For instance, Yabatech; Yabatech accepts two sittings.

How do I get NECO exam timetable?

There are two versions of the NECO timetable; The NECO SSCE timetable and the NECO GCE timetable. Click on the appropriate link to download the NECO timetable;

How can I get NECO office address?

The National Examination Council (NECO) has offices in the whole states in Nigeria. NECO head office is located at Western bye pass, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe road, Minna, Nigeria. For the complete list of NECO offices in Nigeria click the link.

Where can I buy NECO result checker scratch card?

You can buy the NECO result checker scratch card from any of the NECO offices in your state. But if the office is far from you, consider buying from us. Click here to buy the NECO scratch card from us.

How can I collect my Original NECO result?

You can get your original NECO ssce result from the secondary school where you did the examination. The NECO GCE original result can be gotten at NECO office.

There was a mistake on my NECO result, how do I correct it?

If there’s a mistake on your NECO result, the principal of your secondary school has to write a letter to NECO telling them to correct the issue. If the mistake is on NECO GCE result, you have to go to NECO office to lay your complaint. Once you get your result, you should go through it immediately to check for errors.

I have misplaced my NECO exam number, how do I recover it?

NECO exam can be recovered at a NECO office. Check our article to see the full process of recovering a NECO examination number.

As time goes on, we will add more questions and answers to the ones we have already written. You can also read our post on WAEC frequently asked questions and answers.

Do you have any question about NECO? Use the comment section to drop your question and we may include it in this post with the answer to your question.


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  1. Ese destiny says:

    Sir would neco mark your result if you only wrote your surname and didn’t write your name on your answer booklet?

  2. Pls sir what if it has been about seven years now. Will I still be able to collect it at the school.

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      If the school is still functioning, you can get your NECO result no matter the time duration. However, it is better you get it as soon as possible because some schools charge you to collect the certificate based on how long your certificate stays with them.

  3. Sean McQuinn says:

    I did my NECO exam in 2019 and they made a mistake in my date of birth, how can I correct it?

  4. Hello, I lost my neco scratch card pin, can I recover the lost pin number ?

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      No Justin. You have to purchase a new pin.

  5. I didn’t credit my maths so I registered for NECO GCE to credit my maths …. but there has been a change in location of the exam and it’s so far from where I live so can I write only my maths exam and leave the other subjects ….. Hope there are no penalties for that

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      There are no penalties. But how about if you attempt to write five relevant subjects; Mathematics, English and any other 3. Some top-rated institutions only allow a single result when applying for admission to those schools.

  6. I wrote neco gce in lagos 3 years back, Can I collect the original certificate in another states like Kano? Thanks

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Good day Awwal. For now, you can only get your certificate in Lagos.

  7. Abdulsalam Yusuff Temitope says:

    I did Neco in 2017, when can I get my original Neco certificate, please help

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      You can get it three years after you wrote the exam.

  8. I have not collected my Original NECO result for 2008. I went to the school but the school has folded up. It is no longer in existence. A new different school has entirely taken over there. I went to NECO Office to lay complaints but NECO instead went through their Master List and gave me the previous school contact. I called the former proprietor but she kept FORWARDING and CUTTING my calls. I’m frustrated. Please, somebody help me out, please!

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Did you meet the owners of the new school? It is either your NECO result is with them or it was sent back to NECO.

  9. do secondary schools type and print out original neco results/certificate on letter headed paper of their school?because I’m confused

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      That is a statement of result not the original NECO certificate. You can collect your NECO Original certificate from your secondary school after 2-3 years of writing the exam.

  10. Please sir is 2016 original certificate out

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Yes, it is.

    2. Is Neco original results out 2019 External pls and if is not out what should I do now is very urgent needed

    3. Lagschools Support says:

      The original results/certificate takes about 3 years before it is released. You have to use the online copy for now pending when your NECO original certificate will be released.

  11. Golgak Dunka Benedict says:

    sir, when will the original certificate for neco 2017/2018 be out?

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      It takes three years for the original certificate to be ready.

  12. fidel iyke says:

    good day sir,

    please i misplaced my neco GCE registration details, even the year of the exam but it should be around 2005/2006.

    please is it possible to get it from their office in the state where i sat for the exam?

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Go to a NECO office in the state you wrote the exam to retrieve your NECO exam details.

  13. Pls I wrote neco 2017,and I mistakenly gave them a wrong year and I registered jamb with my real age,so please will it affect me?or should I go to neco office to correct it?Will they help me since it has been long I registered pls save me from dis dilemma.

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      NECO results or certificates from 2017 and below do not contain your date of birth so it will no cause any issues for you.

  14. Olorunsola Jacob says:

    Good evening sir, please can i get my neco gce certificate at Osogbo, and how much for the collection
    . I wrote the exam back then at ifetedo.

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      You can get it in the NECO state office of where you wrote the exam

  15. How can I change the DOB on my neco certificate.

  16. Good day Sir, please I want to ask, my friend’s original certificate Got burnt in a fire incident,can she get another copy

    1. Chris. Akuneme says:

      She may be issued a statement of result instead of the original.

    2. Please sir I want know if neco office is open during this pardemic, Also i did my neco in agege in 2011 am I going to agege office to collect it?pls don’t want to loose my job help

    3. Chris. Akuneme says:

      Hi Temmy, NECO offices are open. You can go to the NECO office at Ilupeju to get your certificate.

  17. samuel uwah says:

    Please l want to find out if Jun/July neco certificate of 2015 is ready

    1. Chris. Akuneme says:

      Yes, it is ready. You can visit a NECO office in the state you wrote the exam to collect your certificate.

    2. Please how can I retrieve my 2015 neco photocard?

    3. Chris. Akuneme says:

      Do you need the photocard or the exam number?

      If you need the exam number, you have to go to a NECO office to get it.

  18. Please my question is,
    Can I get my neco gce certificate at any neco office or at the neco office in the state I did the exam.
    I did the exam at Ekiti state but I’m currently in OSUN state.

    1. Chris. Akuneme says:

      You can get it from the state where you wrote the exam.

  19. Adams Sediq says:

    Evening sir am a science student I registered for neco 2020 I have not done the thumbprint and the timetable is out so what can I do about it

    1. Chris. Akuneme says:

      You can go for thumb printing where you registered.

  20. Victoria Eshiet says:

    Pls I didn’t thumbprint during my neco….. will I be able to use the result??

    1. Chris. Akuneme says:

      If your result was released, you can use it anywhere.