LASUSTECH Cut-Off Mark 2023/2024

The Lagos State University of Science and Technology, LASUSTECH cut-off mark for the 2023/2024 academic session has not been released yet. However, we will show you the cut-off marks from previous years.

Please note that there are two types of cut-off marks; there’s the UTME cut-off mark and there is the Post-UTME screening cut-off mark.

The UTME cut-off mark is the mark or score you need to get in the JAMB UTME exam before you can purchase the LASUSTECH Post-UTME form while the Post-UTME screening cut-off mark is the mark you need to have after the Post-UTME screening to be considered for admission in your chosen course.

Now that you understand the two different kinds of cut-off marks, let’s get into the business of the day.

What is LASUSTECH UTME Cut-Off Mark?

LASUSTECH has not released its cut-off mark for the 2023/2024 academic session. As of last year, the cut-off mark was 160.


The second part of the LASUSTECH cut-off mark is the Post-UTME cut-off. This is done after the school does its Post-UTME screening calculation.

Pay attention here.

LASUSTECH Post-UTME cut-off mark is a bit complicated but we will explain it to you in a way you will understand.

As we said earlier, the Lagos State University of Science and Technology cut-off mark is of two types; the UTME and the Post-UTME cut-off mark.

The most important cut-off mark at LASUSTECH is the UTME cut-off mark (your JAMB score).

LASUSTECH Post-UTME cut-off mark is based on the student’s JAMB score. If you have a high JAMB score and a Post-UTME screening score of at least 50%, you have a better chance of gaining admission at LASUSTECH.

Check out the LASUSTECH cut-Off Mark for the previous academic session;

  • Accountancy = 180
  • Agricultural Technology = 150
  • Architecture = 150
  • Arts and Industrial Design = 150
  • Banking and Finance = 170
  • Building Technology = 150
  • Business Admin = 180
  • Chemical Engineering = 170
  • Civil Engineering = 170
  • Computer Engineering = 180
  • Computer Science = 180
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering = 180
  • Estate Management = 150
  • Fisheries = 150
  • Food Technology = 160
  • Hospitality Management and Technology = 160
  • Insurance = 160
  • leisure and Tourism = 160
  • Marketing = 170
  • Mass Communication = 180
  • Mechatronics = 180
  • Mechanical Engineering = 180
  • Office Technology and Management = 160
  • Science Laboratory and Technology = 180
  • Statistics = 150
  • Urban and Regional Planning = 150
  • Agriculture & Bio-Environmental Engineering = 150
  • Quantity Surveying = 150
  • Horticulture Technology = 150

Candidates who scored up to the cut-off mark will be admitted based on merit. Candidates who do not meet the cut-off mark may still be considered for admission.

If you meet the cut-off marks of other departments, you can purchase the LASUSTECH change of course form. Please note that the LASUSTECH change of course form is different from the JAMB change of course form.

If your JAMB score is too low, I recommend you get the LASU part-time form or the YABATECH Part-time form.

Thank you for reading our article on the LASUSTECH cut-off mark. We have also written another article on LASUSTECH catchment area. This article will give you insights on the state indigenes that LASUSTECH considers first for admission.

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  1. Pls can I study mass com with 198 in jamb my Utme is CRS govt lit English I score English C5 mathematics B2 CRS C 5 lit C6 and govt E 8 can I be admitted if I pass my post Utme

  2. When will laspotech form be out 2022

  3. Obisanya kelvin says:

    pls i score 165 can i study mechatronics

  4. Ozigi ramat says:

    Nice one thanks for the explanation.

  5. ❤️Oluwabukolami❤️ says:

    Can I study mass com with 199

  6. Adeokun Kehinde says:

    I was not given admission even when my cut-off mark was ok… Why is it like that
    (Mass comm)
    I scored 188 in jamb and i scored 65.5 in my post utme

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      LASPOTECH does not release its departmental cut-off mark publicly so there is no way to check if you scored up to the cut off mark or not. Also, Lagos State Polytechnic admits more students from Lagos state than any other state. There are many factors involved; your aggregate score is one out of the other factors.

  7. Michael faith kayode says:

    Hello please can i study mass communication in Lagos poly with jamb score160 screening score 50% please