LASU Associate Lecturer Involved in Sex Scandal

lasu gate

An associate lecturer of the Lagos State University, Dr Sunkanmi Odubunmi has been involved in a sex scandal with one of his female students. Dr Odubunmi lectures the Department of Economics.

According to reports from daily independents, Odubunmi harassed a female student of the school in the same department. Trouble started when the said lecturer invited the student to his office to rewrite a paper she failed.

Unknown to Dr Odunbunmi, the student had reported him to a non-governmental organization. In order to verify the lady’s claims, the NGO set up a plan to catch him in the act.

Before the student went to rewrite her failed paper, she had been equipped with spy gadgets with the officials from the NGO positioned in strategic places.

On entering the office, Dr Odubunmi bolted the door and took off his shirts. He began to cuddle the lady as she wrote the text papers he invited her for. He later found out that the lady was wearing a spyglass but then it was too late.

The NGO officials with the school security team arrested him.

Dr Odubunmi is said to be a strict and respected lecturer in the school until the recent happenings changed everyone’s perceptions about him.


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