JAMB New Policies – New policy on use of awaiting result

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, is setting up new policies to ensure the stability of Education in Nigeria; hence the delay in the sales of 2017/2018 forms. One of these new policies is the scraping of using awaiting results to apply for Jamb.

From now henceforth, candidates who are applying for Jamb examination must have their O’level results intact. Usage of awaiting results is no longer allowed.

Jamb spokesman, Mr Fabian Benjamin stated that this new policy will allow qualified candidates to gain admission into their chosen institution. Prior to this policy, some candidates who use awaiting result end up not having the required subjects when their O’level results come out; meanwhile, they’ve might have gotten admission already.

Furthermore, JAMB has introduced the fourth choice to Jamb application. It’s no longer most preferred, more preferred etc.

Mr Fabian also stated that from the four choices, candidates can only choose one public university. This means if you choose a state or federal University as your first choice, you won’t be able to choose another federal or state university in the other choices.

Note: Most Federal or State universities only accept the first choice so be wise when filling your form.

List of New policies by Jamb

In summary, these are the list of policies from Jamb with effect from the 2017/2018 academic session.

  1. Scraping of awaiting result while applying for Jamb form
  2. Introduction of four choices
  3. Only one public university can be chosen
  4. Sale of scratch card has been stopped
  5. Every candidate must create a Jamb profile on Jamb website

Note that Jamb result is valid for only one year.


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  1. Nnena Nwaribe says:

    I want to know all the latest news from university of benin tru email pls.

    1. Christopher Akuneme says:

      We only post about schools in Lagos state. Thanks for visiting our blog.

  2. Victoriousman Agada says:

    Tanx for d info. Wot abt d August deadline? iz it truu?

  3. Doese The Validity Of Jamb For 3Yrs Begin This Year 2017?