How to Check LASUSTECH Admission Status

Are you looking for how to check your admission status on the LASUSTECH portal?

This article is for candidates who have applied for a programme at the Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH).

Most candidates expect the school to send text messages to inform them when they have been admitted, LASUSTECH often sends SMS but sometimes, there could be an exemption and you may not get any text messages from the school.

In this article, you will learn how to check your LASUSTECH admission status to know if you have been offered admission or not.

There are three ways to check if you have been admitted to the LASUSTECH undergraduate programme; you can either check through JAMB CAPS or on the school website.

How to Check LASUSTECH Admission Status on the School Admission Portal

If you want to check through the school website, you will need your JAMB registration number and surname to log in.

Follow the process below to check if you have been admitted to LASUSTECH;

Step 1: Visit the School Admission Portal

The admission portal is for new candidates applying to the school. You can visit the LASUSTECH admission portal here.

Step 2: Log in to the Portal

After accessing the admission portal, the next step is to log in. Simply enter your JAMB registration number and surname as password, then click on sign in.

Step 3: Check your LASUSTECH Admission Status

Immediately you are logged in, you will see if you have been granted admission or not. The image below is an example of a candidate that has been admitted to LASUSTECH.

LASUSTECH admission status

How to Check LASUSTECH Admission Status on JAMB CAPS

Most times, candidates’ admission first appears on JAMB CAPS before it reflects on the school website. In fact, this is the first place you should check to know if you have been admitted.

To use this method, you must have your JAMB login details which consist of an email address and password. The JAMB login details are created during the JAMB UTME or direct entry registration.

If you want to check your LASUSTECH admission status on JAMB CAPS, you can read our post on how to check your admission status on JAMB CAPS. This post contains a video that also explains the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about your admission status on LASUSTECH? Check out the frequently asked questions below.

Where Can I Find The Official LASUSTECH Admission List?

The official LASUSTECH admission list will be posted on the school premises but it usually takes a long time before the school publishes the list.

You can check your admission status online pending when the LASUSTECH admission list will be published in school.

Has LASUSTECH Started Giving Admission for 2023/2024?

LASUSTECH has not started giving admission to undergraduates yet.

Will LASUSTECH Send Me an SMS When I Get Admitted?

If you applied for LASUSTECH undergraduate programme, you may not receive an SMS when you have been admitted.

I Have Been Admitted, What’s The Next Thing?

If you have been admitted, you can pay your acceptance fee and start clearance. The clearance date will be communicated on our WhatsApp status.

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  1. Pls I don’t know when LASUSTECH would be giving out admission and I think I have logged into the school portal?

  2. Achi sharon says:

    Wanted to ask if admission is already in process for this year jambite student

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      The form is not yet on sale yet. You can join our WhatsApp Tv for updates.

  3. Have been given admission on jamb caps but school portal still says submitted hasn’t changed to admitted can I proceed to pay acceptance fee

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      You have to first accept the admission on JAMB CAPS and wait for it to reflect on the school portal. If it does not reflect after a long period, you can visit the school digital centre to complain about this.

  4. Ave been trying to login to my school portal but it is saying in correct password which other way can I check it pls

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Good day Ayinke. Maybe you are trying to login with the wrong details. There is no other way to login. If you are still having issues trying to login, visit the school digital centre.

  5. Patience james says:

    Pls do HND students write screening exams in laspotech for admission

  6. Izuwa hope ezinne says:

    Please ooo ,I need help ,I pick a form yesterday the said I have given addimmission,but I did not see addimmission letter

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      You have to pay your acceptance fee before you can print your admission letter.

  7. Omogbolahan says:

    Please is the part time form still on sale and will it be up to ending of this month before it close

    1. Yes, it is. The school has not announced when the form would be closing.