How to Check LASU Matriculation Number (2022 Method)

Are you looking for how to check your LASU matriculation number?

Every student of Lagos State University must generate their matriculation number before they can pay their school fee.

In this article, you will learn how to check your LASU matriculation number by yourself.

What is LASU Matriculation Number?

The Lagos State University Matriculation number is a set of numbers that is used to identify each student in the school.

Only candidates who have been admitted and completed the LASU Online Clearance are eligible to get a matriculation number.

This number is given to every student of the school irrespective of the programme they are running. E.g Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Part-time, etc.

Please note that the matriculation number is also known as “matric number”.

Unlike some other schools where you have to pay your school fees before you are given a matric number, LASU gives its students a matriculation number before they pay their school fees.

How to Check your LASU Matriculation Number

Follow the steps below to check your LASU matric number.

Step 1: Complete your LASU Online Clearance

Only candidates who have completed their LASU online clearance (LACACA) with a progress of 100% are eligible to get a matriculation number.

If you have not completed yours, kindly do so now.

You can see how to complete the LASU clearance here. When you complete this step, wait for the progress bar to show 100% before your process to the next step.

Step 2: Visit the Matriculation Number Checker Portal

You can visit the LASU matric number portal by visiting the LASU homepage, click on the student tab at the top-menu nav bar.

Click on Check Matric Number.

LASU matriculation number

You can access the matriculation number portal directly from here.

Step 3: Enter your UTME Number or Application number

The final step is to enter your UTME number or application number in the space provided and click on submit when you are done.

The UTME number is for candidates that got admitted into the 100-level full-time programme or 200-level through direct entry while the application number is for candidates that got admitted through other programme types.

Once you complete this step, the matriculation number will be generated from the portal.

Now that you have gotten your matriculation number, you can proceed to pay your school fees and other compulsory fees.

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