How to Calculate LASUSTECH Screening Score

Are you looking for how to calculate LASUSTECH screening score?

LASUSTECH does not conduct Post-UTME exams for its candidates. Instead, it uses a formula to derive a score for candidates that bought its Post-UTME application form.

In this article, we will show you how to calculate the LASUSTECH screening score by yourself. 

It is quite easy.

Steps to Calculate LASUSTECH Screening Score

The calculation is of two parts;

You have to calculate your JAMB score first then you calculate your Olevel grades.

Step 1: Divide your JAMB Score

Divide your JAMB score by 8 and write down the answer.

Let’s assume that a student named Bolanle who wants to apply for LASUSTECH scored 230 in JAMB.

If you divide 230 by 8, you will get 28.75.

Note that your UTME score will not be calculated if the subjects you did in your UTME exams are not the subjects required by the school.

Step 2: Take Note of the Required Subjects for Your Course

To be considered for admission into any course in LASUSTECH, you must have a minimum of five credit scores in the required subjects of the course you are applying for.

Before you can move to the next step, you must know the five required subjects that you need.

Note that Mathematics and English language is compulsory for every course. So, you need three more subjects.

To get the remaining three subjects, check this article on LASUSTECH courses and requirements.

Step 3: Take Note of the LASUSTECH O’level Grading

Your O’level grades are the marks you had in your senior secondary school final exams e.g WAEC, NECO or NABTEB.

Each grade has been assigned a mark.

The WAEC and NECO grading system at Lagos State Polytechnic are as follows;

A1 = 10 marks.

B2 = 9 marks.

B3 = 8 marks.

C4 = 7 marks.

C5 = 6 marks.

C6 = 5 marks.

For NABTEB results, the grades are as follows;

A1 = 10 marks.

A2 = 9 marks.

A3 = 8 marks.

C4 = 7 marks.

C5 = 6 marks.

C6 = 5 marks.

Step 4: Calculate the O’level Grades

Using the LASUSTECH O’level grade marks in step 3, calculate your mark for the required five subjects.

Bolanle wants to apply for Civil Engineering. The required O’level subjects for Civil engineering are Mathematics, English language, Physics, Chemistry and any other subject from Biology, Geography, Technical drawing e.t.c.

Bolanle has checked the LASUSTECH O’level requirements and noticed that she has 7 of the required subjects.

Her WAEC result are;

Mathematics = C4

English Language = A1

Physics = B3

Chemistry = C4

Geography = A1

Biology = B3

Agricultural Science = C6

Further Mathematics = F9

Computer Studies = A1

Bolanle does the right thing and calculates only five subjects out of the 7 she had.

She calculated her score as follows;

Mathematics C4 = 7 marks.

English A1 = 10 marks.

Physics B3 = 8 marks.

Chemistry C4 = 7 marks.

Geography A1 = 10 marks.

The total mark for Bolanle from her O’level grades will be 42 marks.

Step 5: Add the Marks Together

You remember that we divided your JAMB score by 8 in step 1 right?

To get your LASUSTECH screening score, you need to add the result from step 1 and the result from step 4.

Bolanle’s UTME score divided by 8 was 28.75 and her O’level mark was 42 marks.

Therefore, Bolanle’s aggregate score is;

28.75 + 42 = 70.75

That is how to calculate your LASUSTECH Post-UTME aggregate score.

Thank you for reading our article on how to calculate the LASUSTECH Post-UTME aggregate score. You can also read our article on LASUSTECH’s cut-off mark. In that article, you will learn everything you need to know about the school’s cut-off mark.

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  1. Sikirulah Mubarak Opemikun says:

    Thanks very much for the full details of calculating my grading.

  2. Sophia mac says:

    Please I have c6 in biology,c6 in chemistry, c6 in biology, d7 in English, c4 in maths and I want to study slt in laspotect
    Please will they give me admission
    Anyone please
    And I have 176 in jamb

  3. Is the postutme form still out laspotech i mean

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      The form is not yet on sale. You can join our WhatsApp TV to get updates via WhatsApp