David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship Programme 2022

Registrations for the David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship programme for the 2022/2023 academic session have commenced.

The registration commenced on June 15, 2022, and it is stipulated to close on July 31st, 2022.

David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship Programme

In this article, you will learn about the DOF scholarship and how to apply for it.

About the David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship Programme

The David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship programme also known as D.O.F is a full-ride scholarship for indigenes and residents of any African country. The scholarship’s goal is to build young leaders who are ready to impact their community and lead organizations in the future.

As a full-ride scholarship, the foundation will cover the full academic fees of successful candidates for a maximum period of 5 years.

Bishop David Oyedepo is the founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel), Covenant University, Landmark University and many others. Successful candidates for the DOF scholarship will be given an opportunity to study at either Covenant or Landmark University.

Please note that the scholarship does not cover the following expenses;

  1. Feeding allowances.
  2. Travel allowances.
  3. Medical or Health insurance allowance.
  4. Any other fee outside the school fees.

Requirements for DOF Scholarship

Interested candidates must meet the following requirements;

  1. Must be between the ages of 16-25 at the time of application.
  2. Must be citizens and permanent residents of any African country.
  3. Are eligible to receive a Nigerian student visa (for candidates outside Nigeria).
  4. Can read, write and speak the English language fluently.
  5. Score at least 20 points above JAMB cut-off marks (Nigerians only). e.g If the JAMB cut-off mark for Universities in a given year is 200, applicants from Nigeria are expected to score 220 and above.
  6. 80% recorded average or 4.0/5.0 GPA in secondary/High school transcripts.
  7. Candidates must have begun a full-time application to either Covenant University or Landmark University. You can see how to apply for Covenant or Landmark here.

The David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship will be awarded to candidates after they have been given admission to the specified Universities. Applying for this scholarship does not influence or guarantee that a candidate would be admitted into the specified schools.

How to Apply for the David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship Programme

Step 1: Visit the Application Portal to Register

Interested candidates must visit the application portal to register. A valid email address and phone number will be required during registration.

Visit the foundation’s registration page to start the registration process.

Step 2: Verify your Email Address

After submitting your details on the registration page in step 1, a one-time password will be sent to your email address. Type the OTP into the box provided.

Now login to the website using the email address and password provided during registration.

Step 3: Start the Application Process 

Once you are logged in, click on the “Apply for DOF Scholarship” button.

David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship

On the next page, click on the button under “New students”.

Click on next.

You should download the instructions on the page. It will guide you throughout the application.

Step 4: Select the School and Course you want

As we stated earlier, this scholarship enables successful candidates to study at Covenant or Landmark University. During the registration process, you have to choose one of the universities and select a course.

The available courses for Covenant University are;

  1. Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  2. Information and Communication Engineering.
  3. Applied Biology and Biotechnology.
  4. Microbiology.
  5. International Relations.
  6. Psychology/Counselling.
  7. Computer Engineering.
  8. Economics.
  9. Accounting.
  10. Architecture.

While the courses available for Landmark University are;

  1. Animal Science.
  2. Crop Science.
  3. Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering.
  4. Microbiology.
  5. Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  6. International Relations.

Step 5: Fill in your Personal Information

Your personal information is your name, date of birth, gender, country of origin e.t.c. It is important that you carefully fill this part to avoid errors. Some errors may lead to disqualification.

A Skype ID will be required in this section. You can create a Skype account if you do not have one. 

This is required because the foundation will conduct a video interview during the scholarship process.

Click on save and continue.

Step 6: Enter your Guardian Information

Fill in your parent or guardian name, job description, contact details and address. Once you are done, click on save and continue to proceed to the next step.

Step 7: Fill in your Educational Information

In this part, you will be required to fill in your Primary and Secondary school information. A high school transcript grade will be required; this is your academic performance throughout secondary school.

The high school transcript contains all the subjects you took during secondary school, the dates, your performance, etc. You can get this from your secondary school principal.

You also need to enter your JAMB information (Nigerian candidates only).

Under the academic recommendation section, you can enter the name of anyone that can recommend your academic prowess. This could be your teacher, principal, vice-principal etc.

Click on save and continue to move to the next step.

Step 8: Enter your Religious Recommendation Details

In this section, you need to enter the information of anyone that can guarantee your religious affiliation and how dedicated you are. You can fill in the information of your religious leader here.

Save the information and continue.

Step 9: Upload your Documents

This is the final step. 

In this part, you need to upload the following documents;

  1. A passport photograph.
  2. Secondary school transcript.
  3. Academic letter of reference (this could be from your principal).
  4. Reference letter from a religious leader.
  5. Upload an essay on your passion for your country (500 words) (PDF).
  6. Upload an essay on your leadership experience for the past 3 years. (500 words) (PDF).
  7. Upload an essay on why you need the scholarship. (500 words) (PDF).
  8. Write and upload an essay on why you want to pursue a career in your chosen course (500 words) (PDF).

You can write the essays with a word processor like Google docs and convert it to PDF before uploading.

When you are done uploading the documents, a submit button will appear at the bottom of the page. Click on the button to submit.

All documents must be uploaded and submitted before the deadline.

Make sure you crosscheck all the information you supplied before submitting.

David Oyedepo Foundation Contact Details

If you need to reach out to the foundation for any reason, you can send a mail to [email protected] or call +2349059166240.

This information was culled from the Foundation’s Facebook page.

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  1. I applied for covenant university and DOF scholarship, i was contacted by the DOF today to send my admission letter via Skype without an interview request or video conference, should i just do as they said… I thought it must be an online interview?

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Please follow every instruction sent to you via email by the DOF team.

  2. Hoffman Emmanuel says:

    Please when will Landmark post utme begins for scholar? Is it must for a scholar to do post utme screening? Please urgent answer. Thanks.

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Registrations for Landmark University have commenced. You can apply here.

  3. Oloja Taiwo says:

    Good evening sir/ma,after my daughter applied and submitted yesterday, i received OTP and i tried to open the link sent to me on my mail but i couldnt and i don’t know what to do next?pls help

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      If the problem persists, start the registration afresh with another email address. We hope this helps you.

  4. Hoffman Emmanuel says:

    I have finished my application on David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship, and it after submitted it, a congratulation message appears to me “stay update to check your email” may i use this medium to ask a question?. Okay after applicauion submission what next?

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      You also need to apply for either Covenant University or Landmark University Post-UTME form. If you have done that already, keep checking your email for further communication from the foundation.

  5. Celestina Onyibo says:

    Thank you for the information
    May I ask?
    Considering informations to fill like the high school transcript grade, the essays, e.. t.c how do we upload them. The reason for my question is, I’m using an Android phone to apply. Is there a way I can upload them that I do not know of?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      You will fill in the information on the High school transcript into the portal. For the essays, they must be typed and uploaded as a PDF. You can use Google docs to type it and convert it to PDF. This can be done with your Android phone. However, we will advise you to complete the whole process with a computer.