How to Check NECO Result

Are you looking for how to check your NECO result?

NECO results usually come out within 2-3 months after the exams were written. The result shows how a candidate performed in each subject during the exam.

In this article, you will learn how to check NECO result for the current or previous exams.

To check your NECO result you need to have the NECO result scratch card or token. There is no way you can check your result without having the result checker pin or token.

What’s the Difference Between NECO Result Checker Pin and Token?

After the 2018 NECO GCE exams, the Nigerian Examination council replaced result checker pins with tokens and also changed the portal for checking NECO results.

NECO result tokens are used to check NECO results from 2018 NECO GCE and above while the NECO result checker is used to check 2018 NECO SSCE exams and below.

How to Check NECO Result from 2021 – 2018 NECO GCE

  1. Buy the NECO result checker token.
  2. Visit the NECO result checker website at
  3. Select the examination type.
  4. Select the year you wrote the exam.
  5. Enter the NECO result checker token code.
  6. Enter your NECO exam number
  7. Click on check result.

If the details were entered correctly, your NECO result will appear.

check NECO result

Note: When selecting the exam type; choose June/July for the NECO SSCE, choose November/December for NECO G.C.E. For NECO junior secondary exam, choose BECE and for NECO common entrance, choose NCEE.

After checking your result, you are advised to print the result immediately. The pin on your scratch card allows you to check your result for a limited time. You are advised to print the result in coloured form.

How to Check NECO result from 2018 SSCE and Below

The website for checking these category of result is different. Follow the procedure below to check NECO results of 2018 SSCE and previous years. You must have a

  1. Visit
  2. Select the exam type.
  3. Enter your result checker pin number.
  4. Enter your exam number.
  5. Click on check my result.
check neco result 2018 SSCE

We hope you enjoyed our article on how to check NECO result. You can also read our article on NECO frequently asked questions.

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  1. Onyeje ngozika blessing says:

    Pls my 2012 neco result cannot show pls wat can i do

    1. Lagschools Support says:

      Are you sure you checked it properly? If problem persist, visit a NECO office to complain.