How to Calculate UNILAG Aggregate Score [2022/2023]

Are you looking for how to calculate UNILAG aggregate score?

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) has a way it calculates aggregate scores for its candidates. The UNILAG aggregate score is what would be compared with the cut-off mark; If a candidate’s aggregate score meets the cut-off mark, that candidate will be admitted on merit.

In this post, you will learn the formula used to calculate UNILAG’s aggregate score.

The University of Lagos has two different formulae for calculating aggregate scores; the first formula is used when the school conducts a Post-UTME exam while the second formula is used when no Post-UTME exam was conducted.

How to Calculate UNILAG Aggregate Score with Post-UTME

In this method, UNILAG uses your UTME score, Post-UTME score and O’level result grades to calculate and get the final aggregate score.

Before you can calculate the aggregate score, you need to first know how UNILAG calculates your O’level result, JAMB (UTME) score, and Post-UTME score.

Step 1: Calculate your O’level Grades

The calculations are based on the grades you had for the five relevant subjects in your chosen course.

You can see the five relevant O’level subjects for all UNILAG courses here.

These are the marks for each grade below.

A1 = 4.0
B2 = 3.6
B3 = 3.2
C4 = 2.8
C5 = 2.4
C6 = 2.0

Below is an illustration to make you understand better;

Bunmi, a UNILAG medicine and surgery aspirant has the following grades in her WAEC result;

Mathematics = B2
English = A1
Chemistry = B2
Physics = C5
Biology = A1
Geography = C4
Agricultural science = C4
Computer studies = B2
Yoruba Language = C5

As a Medicine and Surgery aspirant, the five most relevant O’level subjects she needs to study at UNILAG are Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Using the grade marks above, her UNILAG O’level grades will be calculated like this;

Mathematics = 3.6
English Language = 4.0
Physics = 3.6
Chemistry = 2.4
Biology = 4.0

3.6+4.0+3.6+2.4+4.0 = 17.6

Bunmi’s O’level grade would be 17.6.

I hope you get the logic here.

Now, the next stage is how the JAMB score is calculated.

Step 2: Calculate your JAMB UTME Score

At the University of Lagos, a candidate’s JAMB scores result in 50% of the total aggregate score.

This means, the higher you score in JAMB, the higher your chances of getting a good aggregate score. Although, other aspects of the grading system should not be ignored.

UNILAG divides your JAMB score by 8.

If Bunmi (from the example above) scored 247 in her JAMB UTME examination, her total score will be divided by 8.

247/8 = 30.88.

unilag aggregate score

Step 3: Calculate your UNILAG Post-UTME Score

The post-UTME score represents 30% of the total UNILAG aggregate score. This is the part you cannot assume until after you have written the UNILAG Post-UTME examination.

The total mark here is 30%.

Please note that candidates that score below 12% in the UNILAG post-UTME screening exam will be disqualified irrespective of the candidate’s JAMB score.

Let’s assume Bunmi scored 23% in the post-UTME exam.

Step 4: Calculate the Total Marks

Using Bunmi as a case study, we have to add up all the marks we got in her O’level grade, JAMB grade, and post-UTME grade.

let’s have a recap;

Bunmi scored the following grades;

O’level grade = 17.6
JAMB UTME grade = 30.88
Post-UTME grade = 23%

Her aggregate score would be calculated like this;

17.6+30.88+23 = 71.48

If Bunmi’s aggregate score is equal to or higher than the UNILAG cut-off mark for the course she chose, she will be admitted.

How to Calculate UNILAG Aggregate Score without Post-UTME Exam

In a situation where the University of Lagos decides not to conduct a Post-UTME exam for the current academic session, the formula for calucating the aggregate score will change.

Use this method below to calculate UNILAG aggregate score without Post-UTME

Step 1: Calculate your O’level Grades

The point awarded for each O’level grade is quite different in this formula.

A1 = 10
B2 = 9
B3 = 8
C4 = 7
C5 = 6
C6 = 5

Emeka, a UNILAG Economics aspirant has the following grades in his NECO result;

Mathematics = A1
English Language = A1
Economics = B2
Government = C4
Commerce = B2
Computer Studies = B3
Igbo Language = C5
Accounting = B2
Biology = C6

If Emeka wants to calculate his O’level grade using this method, he has to pick the five most relevant O’level subject for his course.

The relevant O’level subject combination for Economics in UNILAG are Mathematics, English Language, Economics, Government and Accounting/Commerce.

Hence, Emeka’s O’level grade will be;

Mathematics = 10
English Language = 10
Economics = 9
Government = 7
Accounting = 9

The total O’level score for Emeka will be 54 marks.

Step 2: Calculate your JAMB Score

You need to divide your JAMB score by 8.

If Emeka scored 232 in JAMB, then his JAMB score will be 232/8 = 29.

Step 3: Calculate the Total Marks

To get the final UNILAG aggregate score, you need to add the results in step 1 and 2.

Still using Emeka in our example; Emeka’s aggregate score will be 54+29 = 83

Hope you have learned how to calculate UNILAG aggregate score. You can also read our article on how to check UNILAG Post-UTME result.

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